Ireland 2005 with Vagabond

In 2005 I was fortunate to go on an adventure holiday with Vagabond tours in Ireland. What I didn’t know was that it would instill a passion in me for Landscapes and the outdoors. I was a photographer but just with a point and shoot camera, I turned the dial to auto and clicked happily away. I discovered Ireland and fell in love with the place. I absolutely loved my tour with vagabond and the opportunities to photograph amazing things was wonderful. I remembered our guide- said there was an optional mini-hike before breakfast available the next morning, I chose to wake and go on this mini hike. I managed to capture this shot below, I loved the atmosphere and the stillness.

My passion for the outdoors remains as strong as ever, Covid put a stop to travelling in 2020 but I am hoping in the future to venture further.


The best pint of Guinness is also served in Ireland as I taste tasted several.


If you are looking for an unique place to go, I highly recommend Ireland.


The first photo below is from a place called Gougane Barra, I for one was left with an imprint of this place. It was stunningly gorgeous and the hotel we stayed in was perfect.



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