How To Take A Better Photo

You are taking your camera away with you on Holiday but want to get better photos. Here are the top tips from Andrew Cliffe, Explosion Of Dreams Photography


  1. Play with your camera beforehand, each camera has strengths and negatives, work out your camera’s limitations, not every shot you will get but at least you are in a better position to do it if you know your camera’s functions.
  2. Pack Light- you just need your camera, spare batteries and charger. When you are in the right place at the right time, you don’t want to be fumbling around, you just want to take your shot.
  3. If taking a photo of your family member, position them so they aren’t squinting with the sun in their eyes.
  4. Take enough memory cards, will one memory card be enough? If you plan to take hundreds of photos, buy smaller memory cards, so if one gets damaged, you won’t have lost all of your photos.
  5. Know the laws of the country, some places allow you to photograph a wide range of things, some countries don’t, check out the laws and don’t fall foul of local laws.
  6. Do the opposite of crowds, visiting the Eiffel tower? If you go at the peak times, there will be more people and less chance of getting a shot with a person in front of your camera, so go at quieter times.
  7. Try to capture the subject fully in the picture, missing feet, or missing church spires make a photo less attractive, so try to capture something in its fullest
  8. Be ready- you never know when you go around the corner of a road, what you will find- so be ready with your camera.
  9. If using a digital camera, take more photos, then you can edit out the ones you don’t like, it’s better to have too many than too few.
  10. If shooting a street-art scene, sometimes you might get a better result by asking the subject’s permission to photograph them. In some countries it’s illegal to photograph a person without seeking their permission.

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