I believe its important for every family to benfit from downtime from their lives and enjoy the moment.

When my own parents divorced, my mother couldn’t afford a family holiday until Butlins happened to be running a special offer for single parents. My mother booked it and we had an amazing holiday as a family together. If it hadn’t of been for Butlins, I wouldn’t have been able to go and escaped the upset caused by the divorce.

The Family Holiday Association is the only national charity dedicated to providing seaside breaks and day trips in the UK for families struggling with some of the toughest challenges life can bring. The charity helps families struggling with issues such as severe and long-term illness, bereavement, mental health issues, disability and domestic violence.

Spending quality time together as a family away from home offers welcome respite from daily hardship, a new sense of optimism and hope for the future. For many of the children helped, a seaside break offers the chance to paddle in the sea, build a sandcastle or fly a kite for the very first time. The joy of simply seeing other people smile can lift them out of their everyday cares and worries, and enrich their lives forever. Evidence shows that spending time together away from daily hardship can be life-changing for the families the charity works with.

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In 2020 I had planned on doing 10, 10 k runs across the country and raising money for this charity but because of Covid-19 restrictions this proved hard.

I enjoyed photography and then I put two and two together and worked out I could combine my photography with raising money for the above charity.


Therefore I will never charge for my photography services but do encourage a donation to be made via: