An Artist and Her Muse Asian Bridal Makeup

Author & Makeup Artist: Armani Din


Instagram: @armanimedia


Often we, as artists, are called to take part in a woman’s biggest day, her wedding. With so many days leading up to the wedding, including traditional and religious ceremonies, most brides have a theme and know what looks they’d like to achieve for their big day… or big days!

We have dreams of our gowns and the music that will be played when we walk down the aisle. Whether it’s practicing the dance routines or attending trials and food tastings months before, we know what we want.Let’s be honest ladies, we’ve planned our wedding day right down to the finest detail.

If there’s anything stopping us from having the wedding we’re dreaming of – it’s not having the groom…yet!So what does an Asian wedding mean to you? Is it the lavish clothing, unique floral settings, the hand designed jewellery, the sea of colourful guests, or the mouth watering authentic food?

For us, it all starts and ends with the bride. The wedding day has always been the most important day in a woman’s life, and why should her makeup be anything less than perfect? Over the years we have grown to master hyper pigmentation, acne scars, and breakouts… so there is no excuse for anything but flawless skin!Perfecting the base is the core to any look, but the pressure is three times more for our brides. It’s important to have the best skin for your special day, so as artists we always advise you to drink plenty of water, and keep a clean diet to avoid breakouts.

For anyone with skin concerns or unwanted spots and breakouts, don’t panic, that’s exactly what we’re here to help you with!The term ‘traditional’ has expanded throughout the years, and can be used to describe multiple era’s for your bridal look. Themes such as ‘Regal’ have a smokey eye creating a smouldering and sultry finish; whereas the ‘Classic’ bride would have a gold shimmer to the lids, adding some glam to their ever so glamorous day. Conquering the contours and sculpting the cheekbones is one of the unique ways of making the bride perfect from all angles whilst centerstage. Champagne or golden undertone highlighter tops off the finish with concentration on the highest points on the bride’s face, giving a healthy finish for that ‘bridal-glow’. The lips tend to be the last element added to complete the look. Nothing can beat a perfected pout for the bride, giving her a smile no-one can forget. Rose reds, glossy nudes, or soft matte pinks, the options are endless! If you are unsure of how you’d like to look for your big day, book yourself a trial where you can spend some time discussing this with your artist.


Struggling for ideas? Don’t worry, we’re here to help and can create a bespoke look just for you. So get yourself booked in and ready for a personal trial, keeping all decisions confidential, ready to unveil your personalised look to all your guests on your big day!