About Andrew

I’m Andrew Cliffe, a one of a kind photographer. 

What do I do?

I create images, preparing, capturing, editing and publishing. 

They say proof is in the pudding. So please go ahead and check out my portfolio then come back here. Don’t stray away too long, your tea will go cold. 

You won’t find hippopotamus’s in there, nor toffee apples and no nuns either. Why, you ask? One is very dangerous, one can make you have a sugar high and the other- well the opportunity has not presented itself as of yet. If you are a hippopotamus please apply here..

You will find I concentrate on candid wedding, street and urban landscape photography 

I consider myself a professional photographer in a mid-life crisis.

Why, you might ask? It’s due to the fact I love photography so much that I do not charge, yes I am free….However I am trying to raise money for charity- please see my charity page for more information.

If you are worried about commissioning me for your wedding, don’t be. I come prepared. 

I actually only take on ( free) 15 weddings a year- it means I am limited edition. As long as I can use the photos from your wedding on my portfolio and social media, then we have a possible deal. 

This is my photography,

This is me, Andrew Cliffe.