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Explosion Of Dreams


Explosion Of Dreams photography South Yorkshire by Andrew Cliffe is a click through surreal portfolio experience, combining reality, sometimes fantasy and dream like scenarios.

Place your sense of reality at the door as you enter something amazing. Lie your head down and experience a thousand dreams coming at you.

Explosion Of Dreams is continually evolving just like dreams, new ones being created and outstanding ones being etched in your mind.

A photographer should never be kept in one box, shut away from the world. I like to do a range of photography that doesn’t fit neatly on one page, this website dedicated to this.

Who Is Andrew?

Hello, my name is Andrew Cliffe and I am a photographer based in South Yorkshire in the UK. I have lived in my life in some glorious places- such as Yorkshire and Northumberland. I have always been interested in people, food and travel. I recently started being more active and enjoy being in the outdoors.

I like to photograph a range of things but I enjoy people, events and the outdoors. I am a firm believer that taking a good photo is about being in the right place at the right time and also having the right equipment to take the shot you seek. It’s not about having expensive equipment if you do not understand exposure. You need the right equipment for the right job.

Landscape vs wedding photographer requires different equipment, i.e. for landscape you need waterproof clothing and walking boots.

I have been photographing professionally and as a hobby for around 10 years, and always had a camera in my hand, even in my teenage years.

I have attended seminars and events and did wedding photography training with Chris Chambers, a leading wedding photographer. I have had no formal training but I have shot over 200,000 images and been in a variety of situations.

I use professional photo software to enhance images, I do not like editing too much, I like to capture things in camera as much as I can.

Do you take commissions?

Yes and No, I do not charge for my services and I will take on projects when they fit around me. Whilst I do not charge, I do encourage a donation to a specific charity- Family Holiday Association. Please have a look at my charity page to read more.